We have recently started doing furniture design and decoratives for Hotels and Buildings. We export pre-fabricated material made in India and our skilled craftsmen work on-site and assemble the units and finish them as per the requirements of our customers. Galley Bay Hotel in Antigua and Vanilla Clothing Showroom in Holland are the two projects we have completed recently.


Galley Bay Hotel - Antigua:

We have done the furniture for the 103 Rooms & the Restaurant with all Hardwood Acacia consisting of King Size Bed, Bed Sides, Chest of Drawers, Full Length Mirror, Writing Table & Chair, Sofa Unit with the Cushions, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Lanterns made of Wood and Glass, Dining Tables, Chairs etc.


Vanilla Clothing Showroom - Holland:

We had made the Wrought Iron Partitions with the glass. These partitions consisted of 400 Meters in Length in total and height of around 3 Meters and were all customized according to the building area and client's requirement. We had also done the fences for the same project. For this project 8 skilled workers were taken to Holland and had done the project on site. The entire project was completed in 30 days.