We manufacture and export numerous varieties of Furniture, Decorative and Handicraft products made of Wood, Iron, Leather and Other Metals. We have an extensive range of products which fits in with the present wish of customers. Contemporary in design with character and made out of a selection of attractive natural woods. Currently the materials are furnished in 3 different wood kinds: Sheesham, Mango and Acacia.

All of our furniture products are made by the chemically treated woods. Also, we have outstanding professionals who know the conditions that a good piece of furniture has to satisfy. Using the most advanced techniques of production, we produce high quality furniture. Also, the protective wear-resistant lacquer, with delayed inflammability and moistureproof characteristics, allows cleaning the furniture with water-soluted detergents.

All the activities take place under one roof which includes:

For Wood: Seasoning Plants, Chemical Plants, Assembling Section, Finishing & Packing Section.
For Iron: Assembling Section, Powder Coating Plant, Nickel Coating Plant, Sand Blasting Plant, Antique Finish Plant, Different Finishing Plants, Packing Section.


Mayank Exports operates a system of total quality control. Product quality and supply reliability are essentials within our business. At the same time, working conditions and environmental issues are high on our list of priorities. All of our wood waste is used for producing the steam used in the bending of the solid timbers and for drying process.

  • Every plank is being checked on quality by hand.
  • Before the processing starts, the planks are being glued. This happens manually as well.
  • After this stage, the individual components are being sawed and sanded with maximum precision.
  • When the individual components are being assembled, no concessions are being made in regard to the quality of the product (This process is also done completely by hand).
  • After this the quality inspector checks the product thoroughly.
  • In the highly modernized brushing department the product gets its desired color and finish.

We use various finishes which are very different from the traditional wax finish and has been developed and successfully tested in market, in association with various chains of furniture store at competitive prices. Further, we are applying following kinds of finishes in our own factory plant: (1) Powder coated in matt / Gloss finish (Iron), (2) Hand Painted (Iron/Wooden), (3) Nickel (Iron), (4) Chrome (Iron), (5) Colonial (Wooden), (6) Antique (Iron), (7) Teak (Wooden), (8) Oak (Wooden), (9) Pine (Wooden) and many more.

As we have wide range of finishes availability so, any item can be made to exactly suit the customer"s taste. Further, please note that, our company offers the flexibility in the design, polish and the finish on the product to accommodate the customer"s preferences.